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Exercises to Do in the Heat

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Now that it’s nice and sunny out, it’s time to take advantage of the rising temperatures to get some great workouts done that both keep you fit as well as staying relaxed and refreshed in the summer. Here is just a brief list of the best summer workouts you should try while the weather is great!

  1. Swimming: This is a fantastic way to cool off in the heat, whether indoors or outdoors. Swimming works many of your muscles in addition to being a great cardio activity to keep your heart active and healthy.
  2. Hiking: Visiting one of the many parks and mountains in summer is a great way to get some great active workouts. As you climb up mountains, the higher altitude and the shade provided by the trees will make the temperature a lot cooler. You’ll also be rewarded with a beautiful view when you reach the top! Just remember to stay safe, bring some supplies, hike with at least one other person, and wear some good hiking shoes.
  3. Jogging: There’s no better weather to go jogging than when it’s sunny and relaxing. It’s a great way to get some cardio exercise as well as giving your lower body a workout. You don’t need anything other than good sneakers!
  4. Cycling: Go on a bike tour in the sun! Cycling is a fantastic way to get around and soak up the gorgeous sun. Just make sure to follow the rules of the road. If there’s a bike lane in your area, use it!

With these exercises, you’ll be taking advantage of the beautiful weather as well as giving your body a well-deserved workout. Contact us at Heart and Vitality to book a consultation to learn about how we can help you achieve your best health!