Heart and Vitality is the premier Hormone Replacement Therapy Center located in Plano Texas, serving the greater Dallas area and beyond. We specialize in Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men and Hormone Replacement Therapy for women. Our unique approach attacks aging and disease prevention from multiple angles, giving our clients a complete solution and a better chance of living a longer, healthier life. Heart and Vitality was created by Dr. Abraham Jacob, fueled by his passion for helping his patients live healthy, productive lives. It is that same compassion and drive that is permeated throughout the entire staff, and working together we have been able to create customized programs for our clients that are fast and effective.


Our ultimate goal is to help our clients make critical changes that will improve their quality of life, as well as help them live longer, healthier lives. We do this by truly understanding who they are and how they live, and by customizing a program that gives them the greatest benefit. We want our clients to share their journey with us, and at Heart and Vitality we are with them every step of the way.