Preventing heart disease in Plano & the Greater Dallas Area

For many women, the demands of family, friends, marriage and career can leave little time for anything else. However, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.busy woman

The secret to preventing heart disease is recognizing and managing your risk factors. But how do you know which ones you have?

Board Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Abraham Jacob provides a simple, yet thorough Cardiovascular Screening Program as part of his services at Heart & Vitality, the Premier Hormone Replacement Therapy Center located in Plano, TX.

“A cardiovascular screening is important because they are tests performed to find disease before symptoms begin. The goal of screening is to detect disease at its earliest and most treatable stage. This way, you can treat the risk factor with lifestyle changes before it ultimately leads to the development of heart disease,” explains Dr. Jacob.

For many patients, screening results can serve as a wake-up call. When the test comes back and you see abnormal numbers, it becomes personal. Suddenly, the idea of making lifestyle changes isn’t just a recommendation in a pamphlet. It’s something that can impact your life and health.

Fortunately, should any numbers from your cardiovascular screening come back abnormal, Dr. Jacob and his staff provide a variety of nutrition and wellness services to help you live a longer and healthier life.

The Cardiovascular Screening at Heart & Vitality in Plano includes the following:Cardiovascular Screening Program at Heart & Vitality

  • A comprehensive blood screening. This is a more detailed look at your blood chemistry. We will look at your basic blood levels, cholesterol levels, Cardiac CRP – a test that is directly correlated with your risk of heart disease, Vitamin D, Thyroid Panel, Hemoglobin A1C – identifies if you are at risk for diabetes, and much more!
  • You will undergo a series of screening exams which include:
    • Coronary Calcium Score – This quick CT scan looks at the coronary arteries and identifies any calcified plaque. This test is vital in determining if you are at risk.
    • Limited Echocardiogram – A sonogram of your heart looks at the “structural” aspect of your heart.
    • Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) – This sonogram of your carotid arteries allows us to measure the thickness of your Carotid Arteries.
  • Consultation with Dr. Abraham Jacob. With the results in hand, Dr. Jacob will review the findings and discuss your options. A detailed plan will be provided to put you on a path for healthy living.

At Heart and Vitality in Plano, we believe that just because you age, doesn’t mean that you have to suffer.

Heart and Vitality was created by Dr. Abraham Jacob, a respected cardiologist who is also certified in Age Management Medicine.  His passion is to help his patients live longer and healthier lives.

Heart and Vitality is the premier Hormone Replacement Therapy & Cardiovascular Screening Center located in Plano Texas, serving the greater Dallas area and beyond. Additional services include nutrition and weight loss plans.

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