Meet Ashley Molloy, Managing Director & Weight Loss Program Director at Heart & Vitality at Plano

Growing up in Pittsburg, Texas has had a monumental influence in Ashley’s professional career, and her constant goal to provide “hometown” service is key to the comfortable atmosphere that she has been able to produce at Heart and Vitality.Ashley Photo 1

Ashley received her certification in Medical Practice Management from the Practice Management Institute in Dallas Texas, and has used her knowledge and unending passion for continuous improvement that truly reflects the values of care and concern for the clients.

That passion and dedication also translates over to Ashley’s role as Weight Loss Program Director at Heart & Vitality.

With Dr. Jacob’s training in Age Management Medicine in the fall of 2012, many of the staff at Heart & Vitality used his new-found knowledge on nutrition and weight loss to live a healthy lifestyle. Ashley implemented a Low Glycemic Index Diet along with HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training and enjoyed her strong health and fitness levels.

A short time later, Ashley purchased Women’s Fitness Magazine which featured the 3x Ms. Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser and her 12-week competition diet and exercise program.  Ashley had never heard about the bodybuilding division, Bikini. It sparked her interest and she begin researching various competition training programs. She found an online based program. (Team VIP Online) and started with their basic plan, which is not meant for competition, but for beginners new to the fitness world.

When Ashley first decided to commit to the program, she knew that she had to put 100% effort into it in order to succeed and once she made the mental commitment, she never looked back.

Ashley was thrilled with the significant differences in her body: lowered body fat and increased muscle definition and decided to enter a Bikini Competition.  In her first show, at the Oklahoma Championships she brought home (3) first place titles and was named the Overall Winner of the Bikini Novice Category. Three additional competitions netted Ashley several more top finishes.

Since she found such a passion in nutrition and exercise, Ashley earned her Fitness Nutrition Certification and established the Weight Loss clinic at Heart and Vitality.

Ashley uses her training as part of a healthy lifestyle and does not subject her body to crash dieting.  With this same philosophy, Ashley designed the weight loss program not as a “quick fix” or “yo-yo diet” but rather to educate patients on a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise for a true-lifestyle change.

To learn more about the Weight Loss Program at Heart & Vitality in Plano, TX click here.

Ashley Has Earned the Following Awards:
Oklahoma Championship – Tulsa, OK
June 3, 2016
1st Place – Bikini Class A – Novice
1st Place – Bikini Class A – Open
Overall Winner – Bikini Novice Division

Dallas Europa Games – Dallas, Texas
June 17-18, 2016
2nd Place – Bikini Class A – Novice
3rd Place – Bikini Class A – Open

Phil Heath Classic – Arlington Texas
April 29, 2017
1st Place – Bikini Class A- Novice
4th Place – Bikini Class A – Open

Kuclo Classic – Plano, TX
1st Place – Bikini Class A – Novice
1st Place – Bikini Class A – Open

**3x Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor**