Dr. Abraham Jacob Featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Dr. Abraham Jacob, a respected cardiologist who is also certified in Age Management Medicine and the founder of Heart & Vitality in Plano has written several articles for Natural Awakenings Magazine.

You are encouraged to read these important health articles to learn how to live longer and healthier.

#1 – Hormone Imbalance & Weight Gain dr-abraham-jacob

You will learn:

  • As we age, our hormone levels change and we tend to gain more weight. Dr. Jacob explains.
  • You can break the cycle of weight gain by optimizing your hormones.
  • A simple blood test to check four major hormone levels: sex hormones, leptin, insulin and thyroid hormone may point to the reason you are gaining weight
  • When estrogen and testosterone levels decrease, fat is redistributed in the abdominal apple-shaped region.
  • If your body is out of sync and suffering from a hormonal imbalance, your efforts to get healthy and fit are uphill battle that you may never defeat.


Click here to read his article in Natural Awakenings Magazine.


#2 – How Your Mental Health Is Affected by Hormones


You will learn:


  • Symptoms such as depression, anger/irritability, anxiety, brain fog, memory loss, insomnia, weepiness and suicidal thoughts can possibly mean hormonal issues.
  • Abraham Jacob is a cardiologist certified in age management medicine and helped many patients restore hormonal balance and aid their body back to optimal function.

Dr. Jacob shares how your mental health is affected by your hormonal health in his article for Natural Awakenings.

#3 – Heart & Vitality: The Premier Hormone Replacement Therapy Center located in Plano, TX.Heart-Vitality-Logo

You will learn:

  • Abraham Jacob founded Heart & Vitality, in Plano, because he noticed a trend of younger-than-normal patients being admitted to the emergency room with cardiac events.
  • He wants to identify pertinent risk factors and establish healthy living patterns before a patient might be subject to a life-altering illness.
  • Because hormones naturally decline as early as mid-30s, Heart & Vitality offers solutions for those feeling depleted of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Eliminating the “hormone clinic only” stereotype, Heart & Vitality offers a full wellness approach, specializing in hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, weight loss, cardiovascular screenings, non-invasive drug/surgery-free pain management and aesthetics.


Learn more in Dr. Jacob’s article in Natural Awakenings.

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